Alexander De Waele (BE)

Up until five years ago he would have said you were crazy. He was an athlete with a strong love for martial arts who never expected to be practicing Yoga. Yoga, he believed, was something for the elderly. Alexander was misled. And it was a severe injury which led him to the yoga studio. During his first class he immediately, and intuitively, felt that this time around his injury would be fully healed.

Before Yoga became his way of life, Alexander had several jobs that allowed him to travel. He made incredible journeys traveling around the world, met inspiring people and it brought him closer to getting to know international yoga studio’s and teachers. The practice of Yoga is what kept him grounded while traveling. What Yoga continues to bring Alexander is a sense of profound peace and deep mental clarity.

Alexander has practiced a variety of yoga styles like Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusara and Vinyasa Yoga. He made the choice for this broad range of styles consciously – first to go broad, then to dive into depth. It was in this sequence that he wished to explore the world of Yoga. The love this teacher now has for Vinyasa Yoga is there for a reason. This style embodies everything that resonated with him along his path.

Alexander completed trainings with David Lurey and Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, and continues learning on a regular base when abroad. Straightforwardly, he passes on what inspires, feeds and touches him. A flow with Alexander will take you to your limits with technique, an eye for alignment and dynamics – although he likes keeping his classes playful and gentle at the same time. Only with respect is one able to go further.